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What Kind of Content Should a Contractor's Website Have?

In today's business world, having a website is just one of those mandatory things that companies do. In the days prior to the Internet, a listing in the telephone book was the essential marketing tool. The companies that could afford phone book display advertising were the ones that usually brought in the big clients. But with the Internet, everyone is on a level playing field. Your website can make your company look like the biggest organization in your industry. With that kind of potential, it makes good sense for businesses to include critical information on all of their websites. For contractors, that critical information includes articles and content that is geared towards the local audience that will be using the contractor's services.

The first topic a website needs to address is who the contractor is. The very front page of the website needs to tell people the contractor's name and the business the company is in. If the customer has to search the website just to find out what services the contractor offers, then the customer is not going to contact that contractor. It also helps to list a little bit about the experience a contractor has to help clients determine if the contractor is right for the job. For example, if your company specializes in industrial roofing and does not work in the residential sector, then including that on the front page of the website will attract more qualified clients and deter residential customers from sending you inquiries.

A website should contain content that calls readers to action. Your contractor website should be loaded with content that tells prospective customers what current customers are doing. If you are a siding contractor, then put up content about all of the recent jobs you have done. The process of utilizing before and after pictures can help consumers to envision their home with your siding on it. If you offer seasonal services, then let customers know why your services are important. If your gutter cleaning services prevent water damage inside the home, then show pictures and write articles about the help you can offer homeowners. It is important that your website content give customers a reason to call you. When your site talks only about the services you offer, then that is not going to motivate people to call you. But when your website gives people reasons to utilize your services, then that will get your phone ringing.

Your contractor website should give a professional presentation as to what your company does and how you do it. There should be professional photographs of the equipment you use and professional videos of your crews at work. Your website should have a page dedicated to the suppliers and sub-contractors you use so that clients can see exactly what they are getting. If you offer any warranties on your work, then that information should be very easy to find. When you finish a job, you should ask your customer for a testimonial that you can post on your website. Most contractors avoid posting prices on their website, but there should be extensive information on how people can contact your company for a free estimate. Your website is often the first exposure people have to your contractor business. The more useful your website is to your clients, the more effective it will be at helping you grow your business.

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