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Why Contractors Need to be Active in Online Marketing

Contractors rely on a network of local contacts, referrals from satisfied customers and word of mouth advertising to keep the flow of customers steady. In the days prior to the Internet, a contractor would utilize phone book and newspaper advertising to try and drum up new business when his referral network went cold. But the world is changing and the Internet has become a marketplace that attracts people from all over the world. Some contractors avoid online marketing because they look at the Internet as a way to bring in clients from other states or even other countries. But a contractor needs to understand that his local prospects and clients are using the Internet to find new vendors just as much as people in other parts of the world.

When it comes to consumers, if your company is not on the Internet then your company does not exist. The search engine Google estimates that as many as nine out of every 10 consumers use the Internet to find new vendors and buy products. That means that if a contractor is not online, then the contractor cannot be seen. Many people are bypassing personal referral networks and utilizing online referral websites to find local contractors. When your company does not utilize online marketing, then you are not being seen by approximately 90 percent of the people who are looking for your product or service. That is not the kind of exposure your company can miss out on.

Online marketing does not always mean having a company website. While local contractors would benefit from having a website, there are services that will create a website for your contracting business and make sure that website is seen by local consumers. Google is one of the largest search engines in the world, and a contractor can utilize the online marketing capabilities of Google to develop an online presence that will be sure to attract a large quantity of local customers.

Another reason to get involved in online marketing is to expose your contracting business to suppliers and sub-contractors that will help you make more money. When you are online, people who have materials to sell that you need to do your job can find you. People who sell products are going to utilize the Internet long before they pick up a phone book. You can also use online social networking websites to stay in touch with local suppliers and local sub-contractors that will help you get the best prices. You can also use online marketing to find suppliers out of the area that can get you the prices you need on the materials you use.

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