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Why Should a Contractor have a Google+ Account?

One of the things that people often forget about the Internet is that it is an effective way to advertise a business to customers located across the country and across the street. Your neighbors are using the Internet to find new businesses and buy products just as anyone else in the world would do. These days, your company needs to be seen on the Internet to be considered a viable option for consumers. One of the great ways to reach out to new clients is to utilize the social networking platform called Google+.

The Google search engine is becoming one of the premier ways for businesses to reach local clients. Google has an extensive search engine that is designed to help local businesses appear at the top of search results appropriate for their industry. Local retail shops and contractors are the businesses that stand to gain the most by utilizing Google's local business search features, and that is why you need to tie your company into the Google offerings as much as possible. The more Google activity you generate, the higher up the search engine results your company will appear. All of that time spent utilizing Google services winds up paying for itself in new clients and sustained business.

Google+ is the social networking arm of Google, and it offers contractors several ways to become more efficient and find more clients. Google+ allows you to group your contacts together and send out different messages for different audiences. As you grow your circle of prospective customers, you can develop special promotional messages that should generate interest in your company. These focused messages can be sent to your entire group of Google+ customer contacts, or you can break that group down even further and send out very special messages to specific prospects. For example, if you are a drywall contractor and you want to offer a special to your industrial prospects, then Google+ allows you to break down your group and send that message only to those types of contacts.

You can also use Google+ to find suppliers and sub-contractors to make your life easier. If you need a specific kind of material for a project, then you can send a request to all of your suppliers on Google+ as opposed to wasting time making phone calls or searching the Internet one supplier at a time. When you have a sub-contract job to be done, you can send out the request to all of your sub-contractors at once and get your responses fast.

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