Contractor MarketingJust because you are on the 1st page, does not mean you are getting business!

We focus on true, 1st Page Google Organic Rankings, or you dont pay!

Why Contractor Marketing ?

84% of Internet users use the internet to research products or services in . The number of people searching for local contractors on Google far exceeds the number of people using printed phone books. Whether you are an landscaper, plumber, roofer, remodeler or any other type of "local" contractor, ranking on the first page of Google with a professionally designed and managed contractor website can dramatically increase your contractor business .

Having a contractor website is important, but only if it is effective, getting found and generating business! Stop trying to do something that you are not good at, focus on delivering value to all your new customers.

ContractorBlock are experts in contractor specific, SEO enhanced contractor websites that are proven to get your business a first page Google listing and convert visitors into leads for a fraction of what it would cost you to generate the same results through any other form of contractor marketing . Our solution is designed for local contractors that want to capitalize on a strong local presence without spending years trying to do the same thing through traditional contractor website development.

  1. Contractor Websites: We have built a vast selection of contractor websites . We understand what it takes to convert a prospect from the first page of search engines for contractors. Just because you are on the first page of Google does not mean you are getting business. With our local contractor lead generation system you are providing your business with the best possible to chance to convert more prospects online.

  2. Real Results: See what we do and why you will never find a more cost effective way to generate new business . Real content, press releases, blogging, search engine optimization and so much more, all included. If you don't start focusing on your local presence online you will be left behind and will be even more difficult to compete with your competitors.

  3. Local Presence: We provide all the necessary resources at a fraction of the costs to build your business an exclusive contractor lead generation system designed specifically not only to rank higher in local searches, but to convert those local prospects into actual phone calls and emails. We focus on placing your contractor business where close to 80% of the internet is clicking and that is the natural, organic results in search engines.

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