On-Demand PlacementInstantly obtain organic placement on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

How It Works

There are far too many options out there for contractors to take advantage of the massive amount of local searches happening every day. As a local internet marketing company servicing thousands of business across the world we realized the contracting industry desperately needed a unique solution that took out all the guess work out of contractor marketing. Contractors need a solution they can plug into that is already capable of generating phone calls. Too many contractors start from scratch with the wrong company and end up hurting their chances to achieve first page placement for the most trafficked keywords in their local area. Our team does all the hard work and then plugs contractors into a system that has already proven to generate leads and is already ranking organically on major search engines.

On-Demand Contractor Placement Process

Marketing System Development

It all starts with a solid foundation.

Our team takes industry data and historical stats across thousands of customers to develop marketing systems for the contractor industry that not only look amazing, but are built to rank high and convert prospects. We have invested in the content, the design, the optimization and the marketing strategy to ensure long term success organically on search engines.

  • Beautiful designs built for search engines.
  • Professional content for higher conversions.
  • Quote forms and call-to-action paths.

Live Conversion Testing

We use significant data to tweak our designs.

Once the marketing system passes our two level quality assurance tests, we publish the marketing system live online to designated domains. We then begin driving targeted traffic in which use that data to tweak the system to its full potential. We drive traffic from various sources including all major search engines.

  • High quality lead testing.
  • Conversion tweaking to ensure maximum amount of calls.

Search Engine Placement

Instantly obtain organic placement on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

After the site has passed through the live conversion testing phase, we then begin building backlinks, launching articles and blog posts to drive the website higher in rankings of major search engines for searches . This allows our customers to be placed instantly in organic searches for Google, Yahoo or Bing, providing an instant opportunity for high quality, organic contractor leads.

  • We aggressively create & launch backlinks, articles and blog posts.
  • We use white hat and ethical best practices for each of our sites.

Added to Our Inventory

Ready for any customer, web developer or SEO to purchase.

At this point our system is ready for our inventory, which means contractors, web developers or search engine optimization companies can purchase the marketing system instantly. Once purchased, our customers have access to a revolutionary internet marketing software that includes an advanced CMS (Content Management System), Landing Page Builder, Blogging Platform, Email Marketing, Auto-responder Technology, Call Tracking and Reporting System, Complete Web Analytics, Prospect Management System, Website Replication Platform, Social Media Marketing Systems and much, much more.

Add, change, or delete anything on the system instantly with zero technical knowledge. We give each of our customers two options when purchasing an On-Demand Contractor Marketing System. Option number one allows the customer to pick up where we have left off and continue marketing and strengthening the website moving forward for a low-flat monthly fee. The second option, our team can begin marketing exclusively for your business using a website that is already in organic results for major search engines.

  • Easily customize, change or add additional content to website.
  • Setup is less than 5 minutes.

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